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We Develop Human Capital "Not to unlearn what you have learned is the most necessary kind of learning" said Antisthenes. Our passion at 'The Enablers' is to develop people. Developing human resources is more important to 'The Enablers' than getting clients. We want to make sure that people take way something valuable and useful for their lives. In our workshops, we create an environment which is conducive to learning. We encourage participants to: • Un-learn what is obsolete. • Learn what is contemporary to become futuristic. • Un-learn and re-learn, un-learn and re-learn again! When people follow these three steps, the miracle process begins - the process of excelling. With this mission, 'The Enablers' was established in January 2004 by Prof. Vivek Hattangadi. ‘The Enablers’ unlock the concealed potential in people and leverage their latent talent so they emerge as winners. In our learning sessions, the participants learn the way an excellent surgeon learns - practicing what has been learned through purposeful activities rather than merely from instructions. Our sessions are pragmatic; learning’s are doable. We have a large clientele even outside India.

Monday, January 25, 2016



By Sapna Ullal (Creative Writer)

After a long week at work, there is nothing more inviting than settling down to a delicious Sunday brunch, with a stimulating book in hand. But what if the Sunday brunch was like a magic pill? Infused with an extra nutrient that transformed the diner into an expert communicator?

This is where Vivek Hattangadi’s book Total Communication steps in. The ideas presented here are not, per say, new, but the presentation of the chapters in the form of 10 Sunday Brunches makes it a quick and enjoyable read for the busy professional on the go. And while the food analogies in the book may have you reaching out for dhoklas and theplas, and do nothing for the waistline, they do make the reader a better communicator within 10 weeks. Less time than it takes to attend a proper communications course while keeping full-time studies or a job intact!

The chapters (Sunday Brunches) themselves are divided into many helpful sections. The “Chewing Gum” at the beginning of every chapter is a quote that breaks the ice nicely and affords a glimpse into the topics that follow. The “Digestive Aid” at the end is a fun exercise to ensure readers practice what they learn throughout the week, between two Sunday Brunches.

In an increasingly health-conscious country with a burgeoning internet-savvy population, it becomes all the more imperative for pharma managers, sales personnel and doctors to communicate clearly and effectively with their clients or patients. Unfortunately, in Indian education the focus is on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, leaving soft skills to be learnt on the job. Total Communication fills in this gap in the publishing market and helps the layman in general and healthcare professionals in particular to acquire holistic communication skills. With its witty food analogies and illustrations, the general reader too will find it a humorous and effective Sunday read.


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