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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Moments of Truth

Customer Relations Management is the buzz word today. Every interaction between a customer / consumer and service provider is a moment of truth - The truth whether the sevice provider is truly customer-centered?
Read this from Zig Ziglar, trainer and the worlds greatest salesman
Vivek Hattangadi
Moments of Truth
A “Moment of Truth” is any opportunity (contact) a customer has to get an impression of the level of customer service your company delivers. There are many, many moments of truth that the customer can experience that begin to make up an overall impression of your organization. Was the phone answered in a timely manner; how much trouble was it to get out of the automated loop and talk to a live person; is the lobby clean; was their question answered; is your appearance professional? These are just a few of the opportunities a customer has to form an impression of your company. Moments of truth can be identified and managed – they don’t just “happen.” It is how you manage those moments that ultimately determines how successful the business – and you – will be. Your day is filled with “moments of truth” – full to overflowing, and each is an opportunity to exceed customer expectations. Think about your job – what are some moments of truth that you can identify? Don’t forget the internal customers (your coworkers) as well. You have many moments of truth with your coworkers that add up to how they view you and your ability to do the job. You may feel that you personally can’t make an impact on the impression your customer has of your organization. That would be incorrect! As long as you are speaking to the customer, in their mind you are THE organization. You represent the entire business. What you say and do, how you sound, the knowledge you use to work with the customer – all of these add up. It is your moment of truth – are you ready?
This article is adapted from the Assuring Customer Loyalty program from Zig Ziglar
Very well written by Eric WildeAdapted from: Ten Moments of Truth by Eric Wilder (


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