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Friday, January 20, 2006

Secrets of Success

The secrets of success? Read this interview with Rod Moore

My Secrets for Success!

Rod Moore talks to Rachel Manktelow and shares his secrets for sure success. As a life strategist, trainer, and creator of the “Design Your Life” system, Rod has inspired thousands of people to achieve more success in their lives. Rachel talks to Rod about his own influences and his secrets for success.

Rachel: Rod, can you tell me something about the successful people you most admire?

Rod: There are many people who come to mind but three in particular that I see as role models for what is possible.

Martin Luther King Jr. – The spiritual leader of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s was one of the most influential and persuasive people of the last century. His ability to move people to action through his mastery of language was truly inspirational. He directly modeled the success of Gandhi, using a peaceful approach to voicing discontent. He had strong moral conviction and was prepared to die for what he believed.

Richard Branson – Told he was dyslexic at a young age, Richard Branson’s is an amazing story of success. Some people with a similar condition are held back by it or worse, use it as an excuse that limits their achievement. Instead, Richard took action and, at the age of 15, launched his first business. He based his businesses on what he values most: having fun, involving his staff and treating them well and making great products and services accessible through lower prices.

Lance Armstrong – Lance Armstrong is an example of what you can achieve when you are focused on a compelling future. When diagnosed with cancer, he chose not to focus on this and instead to focus on his dream: To win the toughest bike race on the planet. Winner of 7 Tour de France races, he is a model of consistency, focus, determination, self-belief, guts and glory. Rachel: Great role models! So how, specifically, can people learn from these role models and apply their successes in our own lives?Rod: In each of these people, we can find many clues for improving our own lives. Quite simply, by studying such people you can learn how to model their success. For example, when I wanted to learn how to be a more compelling professional speaker, I went out and got recordings of all of Martin Luther King’s speeches and listened to them over and over. I studied the structure of his speeches, his vocal tonality, his use of metaphors, his pacing and his passion. As a result my own speaking moved to a new level.

So the key is to ask: What goal are you working towards? And whom can you learn from who has been successful in that before you?

If you want to climb Mount Everest (or any other challenging mountain!) then make a list of the great mountain climbers. Then simply learn to model their attitude and actions: What are their thoughts and beliefs, their strategies such as preparation and training, their resources such as the team they worked with? By modelling those who have succeeded before you, you can really achieve anything you want to.Rachel: You've worked with some amazing people and helped them achieve much more from in their lives. Can you share with us some of your most favorite success stories? Rod: Every day I have the good fortune to hear from people who have used our goal setting systems to transform their lives. It’s exciting to see that people can totally change their lives simply by expanding their view of possibilities, creating clear, focused goals, and developing the right mindset to propel them towards the life they dream of.

Perhaps my favorite story is of a lady who was interested in goal setting and personal development but had not really set any goals in the past. When she used my goal setting system she took a month to go through it and totally design her life. She ended up setting over 90 major goals! This gave her an expanded view of what was possible in life. As a result she decided to learn more and begin delivering goal-setting workshops. In the next 6 months she presented over 100 workshops. She became highly successful and now presents workshops frequently in the UK and Barbados.

Another story I love is of a young lady in New York. She dreamed of writing a movie script and having it become a Hollywood movie. So she already had her big dream – but no idea about how take it forward in real life. By using my goal setting process she was able to “chunk down” her goal into smaller steps, and soon she began to make rapid progress forward. She is now in negotiations for the movie deal and set to become a huge star.

Rachel: Rod, we are all so keen for success, so why do so many of us fail to achieve our full potential?Rod: Most people fail due to their mindset. Many times, I have had people tell me they set a goal to become a millionaire. And failed. When I speak to them about what they have done to actually achieve the goal it usually amounts to very little. I call it the “million-dollar-goal, $10-dollar-mindset syndrome”.

Goals are of little value if your mindset is not aligned to the goals. Most people limit their success because of their mindset. They picture the worst possible outcome. They talk themselves out of making that phone call… They tell themselves it probably won’t work out anyway.

The most powerful tools I have come across to align your mindset with your goals are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP works on your unconscious mind, re-imprinting new mental programs that compel you to action. The “Design Your Life” system uses NLP techniques to help align your mindset with your goals.

The first vital step towards achieving your potential is of course to design a compelling future. But the next step, and by far most important, is to align your mindset.

Rachel: So what are your top tips for everyone wanting to make 2006 their most successful year ever?

Rod: As I tell people in my goal-setting workshops, to achieve massive success, here’s what you must do:

(1) Expand your view of possibility. Don’t feel constrained. You can achieve much more when you follow your dreams.

(2) Design your life in detail using a specific life design system such as “Design Your Life”.

(3) Break your goals down into a step-by-step action plan. Learn from the strategies and actions of others who have found success already.

(4) Align your mindset to your goals. “Design Your Life” uses good NLP techniques to help align your mindset with your goals. Investigate and start using some such “mind programming” techniques.

(5) Take massive action. After taking action review the outcome and be prepared to adjust your approach if you do not get the result you where seeking. Keep doing this until you reach your goal

(6) Find a mentor, friend or coach who will support you and help keep you on track.

(7) Enjoy yourself! You need focus and work on your plans, but also have some fun along the way.


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