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We Develop Human Capital "Not to unlearn what you have learned is the most necessary kind of learning" said Antisthenes. Our passion at 'The Enablers' is to develop people. Developing human resources is more important to 'The Enablers' than getting clients. We want to make sure that people take way something valuable and useful for their lives. In our workshops, we create an environment which is conducive to learning. We encourage participants to: • Un-learn what is obsolete. • Learn what is contemporary to become futuristic. • Un-learn and re-learn, un-learn and re-learn again! When people follow these three steps, the miracle process begins - the process of excelling. With this mission, 'The Enablers' was established in January 2004 by Prof. Vivek Hattangadi. ‘The Enablers’ unlock the concealed potential in people and leverage their latent talent so they emerge as winners. In our learning sessions, the participants learn the way an excellent surgeon learns - practicing what has been learned through purposeful activities rather than merely from instructions. Our sessions are pragmatic; learning’s are doable. We have a large clientele even outside India.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Enablers

Profile of 'The Enablers' and Vivek Hattangadi

'The Enablers' is a marketing consultancy firm started by Vivek Hattangadi in January 2004.

Vivek Hattangadi started his career as a Medical Representative in Carter-Wallace Ltd. (now known as Wallace Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) and after 13 years he left them as Regional Manager (West) to join Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as All-India Field Force Manager. He successfully established brands like R.B.Tone and launched the first true pro-kinetic in India - Motinorm.

He later on joined Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as Product Manager. He launched very successful brands like Alzolam, Monotrate, Mesacol, Famocid, Ketasma, Prodep and relaunched Angizem which took the brand from no-where to 5.5% market share in the calcium channel blocker segment.

He was resposible for take the concept of the use of anti-depressants to the non-psychiatrists and today the sement is over Rs.2500 millions.

He joined Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as Group Product Manager and was responsible for the lauch of the first sustained release preparation of carbamazepine in India - Zen Retard.

He also succesfully launched Ciza which went on to make history as the most successful launch of 1993 and which propelled Intas from a Rs. 25 million company to a Rs.1000 million company in four years and bringing it to the top 30 companies.

He converted CRM activities to a fine art which was another reason for the mind boggling growth of Intas.

He was rewarded withe position of General Manager (Marketing and Sales)

His last assignment in a pharmaceutical company was with the pharma giant - Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.- as the Head of their super-speciality division for cardiology and diabetology, Psycan.

he was given charge to carve out a new division from Psycan and which resulted in the formation of Mind Division, a super-speciality division for the neurologists and psychiatrists.

Within a year, it not ony became a viable division, but was also a very profitable division.

In January 2005, he started his own marketing consultancy firm 'The Enablers'.

'The Enablers' is in the field of Brand Management and HRD (Training). The list of clients include
  • Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - Bombay
  • Hindustan BioSynth - Baroda
  • Ayurlab Herbals - Baroda
  • Reliance Health Care - Ahmedabad
  • Talent India - Ahmedabad
  • IJM-Today - Ahmedabad
  • K.B.Shah & Co. - Ahmedabad

Vivek Hattangadi can be contacted at


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